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California Labor Joins Union Delegation to Brazil

By Angie Wei

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to be a delegate representing the AFL-CIO to the 3rd Congress of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA), at the invitation of Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre.

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Carly Fiorina: Job-Killer Extraordinaire

By Steve Smith

Just when you think former CEO and known job-killer Carly Fiorina has retreated from public life for good, she somehow ends up back in the spotlight.

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This Workers Memorial Day: Reclaim Lives Lost Needlessly to Workplace Hazards

By Jora Trang

Every year, thousands of workers are killed at work in the United States and hundreds in California. Dr. David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Federal OSHA has stated at, on average, 12 to 13 workers are killed every day nationwide. Worksafe’s analysis of 2015 Federal OSHA data show an estimated rate of one worker death on the job per week in Northern California alone. In California as a whole, close to four workers are killed each week.

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Teamsters, Community Groups Escalate Protests Against Abuses in Chipotle’s Supply Chain

Chipotle Supplier Taylor Farms Criticized for Food and Worker Safety Issues

Hundreds of Teamsters and allies from Working Partnerships USA and Jobs with Justice protested outside Chipotle Mexican Grills across the country last week to educate consumers about food safety issues with Taylor Farms, a supplier to Chipotle.

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Prince Was a Champion for Working People

by Kenneth Quinnell

The world lost a musical icon last week. You'll read about his impact as a musician and an entertainer elsewhere, but let's take a second to look at Prince's career-spanning fights on behalf of working people.

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Stand with Postdocs to Stop Sexual Harassment at the University of California

In response to the series of scandals across the UC system, Posdocs and members of UAW Local 5810 are hosting a series of events at the Berkeley campus April 26th-28th.  Click on this post to learn more!

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New AFL-CIO Trade Video Warns That TPP Would Double Down on NAFTA’s Economic Devastation

by Kenneth Quinnell 

The AFL-CIO released a video today showing firsthand the devastating economic impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have on communities across the country. When global companies move jobs offshore to take advantage of trade deals, they not only destroy jobs, they suppress wages, deprive local governments of needed resources and leave working families behind. 

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Open Shop II:  Union organizing campaigns

by Fred Glass

A rapidly growing Los Angeles economy and a population that leaped from one hundred thousand to a third of a million between 1900 and 1910 demanded new buildings, new services and more workers to provide them.  Despite the prevailing official optimism about life in sunny southern California, many recently arrived working people found themselves living and toiling in unexpectedly difficult circumstances. When union organizers went looking for workers to sign up, it wasn’t hard to find them, even within the city’s repressive open shop atmosphere. 

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Local 1245 Members and Supporters Rally to Keep Diablo Canyon Open

More than 100 IBEW 1245 members and supporters descended on the State Capitol on April 4 to deliver an important message – Keep Diablo Canyon Power Plant Open.

A busload of Local 1245 members who work at Diablo Canyon traveled up to Sacramento for the rally, where they were joined by elected officials, union leaders, Local 1245 Organizing Stewards, union staff and supporters.

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It’s 2016. We will not wait for equal pay

By Rachel Warino

“We’re sick of being treated like second-class citizens. It wears on you after a while. And we are done with it.”

On the fifty-third anniversary of the Equal Pay Act being signed into law, I wish I could tell you this quote is just an insightful throwback to a less just era and that we have since moved on to conquer the gender pay gap. Unfortunately I can’t because no, we haven’t.

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Victory for Working Families - Governor Brown Signs AB 908 to Expand Paid Family Leave!

by Mitch Seaman

California’s workers won a victory today with the Governor’s approval of AB 908 (Gomez)—legislation to raise benefits and improve access within our landmark Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave programs.

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Review of America’s Social Arsonist, by Gabriel Thompson

by Michael Gecan, Co-Director, Industrial Areas Foundation

Gabriel Thompson has produced a masterful and engaging book about a premier American organizer, Fred Ross Sr.

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Statement from CLF Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski on signing of SB 3

With the Governor’s signature on SB 3 today, California strikes a serious blow to income inequality. This new law lifts families and strengthens our communities.

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The labor history behind the historic minimum wage law

By Fred Glass

This week California stepped out in front of a movement that has been gathering momentum for years.  Close to a third of all workers in the state will be positively affected by an increase in the minimum wage.  All observers agree:  this is a historic moment.  But what is the history that's culminating here?

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