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Labor's Edge: Views from the California Labor Movement

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Teamsters Take on Silicon Valley

by Doug Bloch

Under the leadership of Joint Council 7 President Rome Aloise, the Teamsters are on the front lines in the fight against income inequality in Silicon Valley.

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Faces of Labor: This is Who We Are

By Rachel Johnson, proud Union Member of The Newspaper Guild-Communication Workers of America 

It must be easier if they don’t have to see the families they seek to destroy. That’s the only explanation I can think of when I hear about the latest campaigns to annihilate retirement security for millions, Republican lawmakers’ efforts to push legislation that will make it harder for workers to stand together and organize, and a conservative presidential candidate who said teachers’ unions are worthy of a punch in the face.

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Faces of Labor: Walter Carmier

Leading up to Labor Day, we're highlighting workers in California and sharing their story. Walter is our very first Faces of Labor post and you can learn more from Walter on his journey from military man to union man with IBEW Local 1245 in this post. Thanks, Walter!

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Stand with Me: Put an End to Lawbreaking at LA and Long Beach Ports

By Humberto Canales

Port Truck Driver for XPO Logistics

There is a place in America where workers have no right to a minimum wage, no right to worker’s comp or disability insurance when they are injured and no right to form a union to improve their dismal conditions. Where is this place? It is where I work as a truck driver– at our nation’s seaports and rail yards, where companies have for decades been getting away with breaking labor laws, leaving many of us earning less than even the current minimum wage.

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‘Make My Labor Day’ Sweepstakes for Union Members

Union members built this country and our dedication keeps it running. To celebrate the folks who make America possible, Union Plus is bringing Labor Day back to its roots. It’s time to show our appreciation and cook up a little fun in the process.

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Medicare Turns 50!

By Rachel Johnson

On this date in 1965 President Johnson signed Medicare into law. Fun fact: at the signing ceremony, President Johnson enrolled President Truman as the first beneficiary of Medicare. Today this publicly funded health care system continues to lift millions out of poverty. 50 years since being signed into law and Medicare is the nation’s largest and most successful health insurance program, providing quality healthcare and financial security to over 55 million Americans.

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CA activists stand up for students, middle-class at ALEC annual meeting

A California educator is sharing what it was like to join hundreds in San Diego to protest the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC. ALEC is funded by the infamous billionaire duo Charles and David Koch, also known as the Koch brothers, and has a track record of exploiting the rights of working Americans to make the rich even richer.

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Celebrate Medicare and Social Security’s anniversaries

Howard Egerman

“Baseball can be described in one word –You never know,” former Oakland As pitcher Joaquin Andular once said.
As we approach Medicare’s 50th birthday on July 30th and Social Security’s 80th on August 14th, we should pause and reflect on what these programs mean to all of us.

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Google Express Workers File for Representation by Teamsters Union

Teamsters Local Union 853 announced yesterday that workers at Palo Alto-based Google Express Services filed for a representation election. The more than 140 warehouse and shipping workers sought out the Teamsters for help with improving working conditions, treatment on the job and compensation.

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Sneak Peek Part III: A History of the California Labor Movement

by Fred Glass

The third installment of the California labor history series, On a Mission:  The first California farmworkers, is excerpted from the forthcoming book on University of California Press, From Mission to Microchip:  A History of the California Labor Movement by California Federation of Teachers Communications Director Fred Glass

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Throwback Tuesday: John Oliver Exposes ALEC

by Rachel Johnson

We couldn’t think of a better throwback than John Oliver’s hilarious take-down of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). This group of corporate lackeys is hell-bent on pushing their anti-worker agenda on any elected official who takes them up on their offer for an all-expense-paid vacation to their annual meeting, this year in sunny San Diego.

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California is a NO ALEC Zone!

By Steve Smith

Next week, corporate lobbyists, right-wing millionaires and a host of one-percenters will descend upon San Diego for American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual meeting, a national gathering in which these special interests wine and dine conservative lawmakers and plot strategies to screw working people out of things like a decent wage, health care and retirement security.

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Ending the overtime scam against American Workers

by Rachel Johnson

Since 1975, millions of American workers have been scammed out of bringing home a salary that reflects the time they have dedicated to their job.  How have bosses managed to get away with this insidious form of wage theft? The title “assistant manager” and others like it paved the way.

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