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Proposed Wage Theft Law Passes Major Hurdle

By Bill Raden

This blog originally appeared in Capital & Main

Eleuterio Monroy

California wage earners received encouraging news Wednesday when Assembly Bill 2416 (Wage Theft Recovery Act) cleared a major hurdle by passing 44 to 27 on an Assembly floor vote — three votes more than needed to move to the Senate.

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Ten Years a Temp: California Food Giant Highlights National Rise in Exploited Labor

By Bill Raden and Gary Cohn

A Capital & Main California Expose


A Taylor Farms security gate

Last April, when Federico Lopez and his sanitation team were ordered to clean a Taylor Farms storage area, the 23-year-old didn’t like what he saw.

Lopez remembers:

“I went into the hallway that they expected me to clean. There was pigeon feces, dead pigeons, dead bats and black mold. I’m certified for that, but the rest of my coworkers weren’t. The crew had only been given dust masks for the job by the temporary labor contractor who employed them."


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Fix California’s Leaky Gas Pipes

By Jerry Acosta, BlueGreen Alliance

California’s aging natural gas pipelines are leaking. Just last year, California saw close to 30,000 leaks from one utility alone—and while they may not always be hazardous, these leaks exacerbate climate change. If that weren’t enough, current California regulations set no time limit before some types of pipelines leaks are repaired. While some proactive utilities fix them in a timely manner, we need a reliable statewide system to ensure that all leaks are repaired quickly.

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UCLA Worker Center: 50 Years of Justice

This post originally appeared on the UCLA Labor Center Blog


In 2007, Shomari Davis, currently at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) – Local 11, joined the African American Union Leadership School (AAULS) in 2007. This program brought together African American union leaders to strategize and build community. With his colleagues, he learned about implementing policy change and the science behind building and running an effective political campaign. The AAULS gave students an opportunity to learn more about people from different unions and community members, and built a strong brotherhood between them. The urgency of the issues really brought people together.

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Corona Nurses Care

By Ken Deitz, RN, UNAC/UHCP President


The day before Thanksgiving 2013, administrators at UHS Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, CA fired 48 Certified Nurses Aids (CNAs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) without notice. While Registered Nurses (RNs) in the facility felt CNAs and LVNs were critical members of the team, administration called them in off the floor and permanently dismissed them, leaving the RNs to do the many tasks that they had always relied on CNAs and LVNs to do, from assisting patients to the bathroom to collecting samples for testing.

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Robert Reich, Maria Elena Durazo headline IBEW 1245 leadership seminar

By Rebecca Band, IBEW 1245

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich doesn’t mince words.

He lambasted President Obama’s recent public appearance at a Bay Area Walmart, calling whoever made the decision a “numbskull.”  And at a leadership seminar this week with 56 IBEW 1245 activists and LA Labor leader Maria Elena Durazo, Reich declared that the US economy is “rigged” in favor of the rich.

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California Unions Urge Support for State’s Veterans, Yes Vote on Prop 41

By Steve Smith, California Labor Federation

Over 200,000 California veterans live in poverty. More than a quarter of the nation’s homeless veterans are right here in our state. We see them on the street. Their injuries – both physical and emotional – are evident. Yet, far too little is being done to help the heroes who fought for our country find a roof over their heads at night. That’s simply shameful.

We can do better. We must do better.

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Nurses Launch New Campaign to Alert Public to Dangers of Medical Technology

‘When It Matters Most, Insist on a Registered Nurse’

By Charles Idelson, National Nurses United

Watch the ad here.

Sweeping changes underway in the nation’s health care delivery system that expose hundreds of thousands of patients to severe risk  of harm are the focus of a major new national campaign by the nation’s largest organization of nurses announced today.

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Fast Food Strikes Go Global Today

By Kenneth Quinnell, AFL-CIO

Today, fast food workers around the world will engage in a one-day strike calling for higher wages and the right to form a union.  The events are taking place on May 15 as a symbol of the $15 wage that is being asked for by workers in the U.S. Actions are planned in more than 150 cities around the United States and in 30 other countries, according to Josh Eidelson. Thousands of workers are expected to participate and many cities will be seeing their first fast food strikes.

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Temporary Workers Hit Capitol to Curb Abuses,  Support AB 1897

By Steve Smith, California Labor Federation

Every day, the State Capitol is full of paid lobbyists pushing bills on behalf of clients. So when workers come to Sacramento to support a bill, folks take notice. Today, dozens of workers from around the state made the journey to the Capitol to advocate for AB 1897, critical legislation that would curb abuses of temporary and subcontracted workers, a portion of the workforce that is growing and especially vulnerable to exploitation.


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Musicians Deliver More Than 12,000 Petition Signatures to Lionsgate Films

By Jackie Tortora 

Shipping quality U.S. jobs overseas has been an issue affecting all workers and musicians and members of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) are fighting back.


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Sign the Petition for Paid Sick Days

By Krista Collard

Having to choose between going to work to keep food on the table for your family and neglecting your health or the needs of sick child is not a choice people should have to make. But every day, over 5 million working Californians who lack access to paid sick days, have this unfair choice hanging over their heads.

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AFSCME: “It’s One of the Best Contracts We’ve Had”

By Olivia Sandbothe

When you’re working a high-intensity job responding to crises around the clock, it helps to know your coworkers have your back. The EMS professionals who work with Medic Ambulance in Solano County, California, saw that solidarity in action last week when they ratified a new contract with 98.6 percent support.


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In Honor of Mother’s Day, 4 Fresh “Paid Sick Days” Tips to Keep CA Moms Healthy & Happy All Year

By Krista Collard

You might be surprised to learn that more flowers get sent on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.  Yep, that’s right-- all the romantic Valentine’s Day arrangements, the spirited Christmas poinsettias, and even the blue irises at Hanukah don’t hold a candle to the floral frenzy we shower on our mamas every second Sunday of May.  As beautiful as our blossoms might be, isn’t it time to give mom something that will benefit her long after the flowers have wilted? Well here’s your chance.

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