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Governor Maps Bold Vision for California’s Future

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski on State of the State Address


“The Governor mapped a vision for California based on the spirit of optimism that has defined our state since its inception. Instead of telling us what we can’t do, the Governor challenged us to achieve together what our critics have said we could not. From investing in our schools and universities to implementing health care reform to creating middle class jobs and rebuilding our infrastructure, the Governor made clear his vision is to move California forward to a new era of shared prosperity.

“The labor movement is proud to join the Governor in his call for more investment in our future. It’s imperative that we move boldly to reverse the politics of decline that reigned under Gov. Schwarzenegger. It’s also important that we wisely invest taxpayer dollars to create good jobs that will lead to a middle class renaissance. High-speed rail will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, bolster small business and transform our state’s transportation system.

“California’s unions embrace the Governor’s proposals to reform our broken system of corporate tax breaks that far too often line the pockets of CEOs without creating jobs for workers. Every corporate tax break should be put to the jobs test. If corporate tax breaks don’t create or retain jobs, they must be reformed or eliminated. We strongly support the Governor’s call to reform the state’s enterprise zone tax credit program, which encourages the cannibalization of jobs from one area of the state to another, hurting workers and weakening local economies.

“California’s future is brighter today than it has been in years. To realize our state’s potential, we must be bold. The California labor movement looks forward to partnering with Gov. Brown to implement his vision and provide the necessary investments to create a better future for our state’s families.”