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Press Release


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Legislature Moves Homeowners’ Bill of Rights Closer to Becoming Law

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski


"Today, the California legislature stood up to big banks and stood with California homeowners in passing the historic Homeowners’ Bill of Rights. This is a clear victory for the hundreds of thousands of California families currently under the threat of foreclosure. While the big banks and their GOP allies fought this much-needed reform tooth and nail, in the end the legislature chose common-sense reform over the banks’ special interest power. That’s good for California and a positive sign for our democracy.

"With California still struggling from the devastating impact of the housing crisis, this legislation puts some power and control back into the hands of homeowners. In a time of deep budget cuts and ongoing recession, this victory restores hope that our state can rise above the politics of decline that’s eroding our middle class.

"Special thanks to Attorney General Kamala Harris for her tireless efforts to protect homeowners. We call on the Governor to sign this historic legislation without delay to give families facing foreclosure a fighting chance to stay in their homes."