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Sign the Petition: It’s Time to Invest in California Again!

Historically, California has been a place that fosters big, bold ideas. We led the technological revolution in everything from computers to solar panels. Our world-class universities gave thinkers a place to innovate and invent, and our schools turned out the most productive and skilled workers in the world. Our infrastructure of roads, bridges, rail and ports connected our economy to the rest of the country and the world. California’s high standards and booming economy made us a beacon of innovation and prosperity for generations. The only way we can restore our economy and our middle class is to start investing in California again.

Its time for a jobs plan for the 99%. The California Labor Federation has developed a six-point plan for rebuilding the economy and creating jobs:

1.    Build the California of the Future: Infrastructure
2.    Make It Here, Buy It Here: Manufacturing
3.    Innovation and Skills Training for the Future: Education
4.    Invest in California: Revenue
5.    Clean Energy for a Strong Economy
6.    Good Jobs Now: Ending Income Inequality

Click here to sign the petition in support of the "Invest in California" plan.