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November 09, 2012

Volume 1., Issue 252


California Labor Celebrates Major Electoral Victories

The 2012 election was marked by huge victories for California’s working families. Not only did we succeed at passing Prop 30, the vital school funding measure, and defeating the deceptive Prop 32, we also passed Prop 39, which will close an egregious loophole that rewards companies who move jobs out of state.

Our massive Get Out the Vote program also led us to victory in many state and local races. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer army, Democrats are poised to have a supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate. Working families also won on many local races like the San Diego mayoral contest, as well as local ballot measures, including a living wage measure in Long Beach, a minimum wage increase in San Jose and beating back an anti-worker measure in Costa Mesa.

Find more election highlights on our blog.

View photos from Labor’s Get Out the Vote program.



Stand with Striking Raley’s/Nob Hill Workers in Northern California

Over the course of the last 15 months, the management at Raley’s/Nob Hill stores in northern California has aggressively violated the rights of its workers and refused to bargain a fair contract in good faith. Charges filed against Raley’s include isolation, restraint, harassment, coercion, threats of firing, demotion, and closing of stores. The workers finally have had enough, and this week they walked off the job to protest the management’s attacks on them and their families.

Now, more than 7,400 Raley’s and Nob Hill workers are on strike, and they need your support as they continue their fight for justice. Stand with them by joining a picket line at any Raley’s or Nob Hill in northern California between 8am and 8pm, and commit to avoid shopping at these stores until the strike is over.

Learn more.

Adopt a store to picket.



Thursday: Fight Back Against Retaliation at Walmart-Contracted Warehouses

The hard-working men and women who move goods in Walmart-contracted warehouses work in extreme temperatures and dangerous conditions, lifting heavy boxes for hours on end while earning minimum wage, with no job security or sick days. A few months ago, the workers started speaking out about the dangerous working conditions, and while conditions have started to improve, at least one employee has been fired as retaliaition for speaking up and has yet to be re-hired.

The workers' brave actions have certainly gotten the employer's attention  – but they still have a long fight ahead before they can truly achieve justice. On Thursday, November 15th,. the workers are holding a large rally in the Inland Empire in front of the warehouse to call for an end to retaliation against workers who are speaking out for safe jobs. Show your support for the warehouse workers by joining the rally and action on Thursday at 601 S. Milken Ave. in Ontario. The event will kick off at 9am.

Learn more and RSVP.



AreasUSA Workers at San Jose Airport Win First Union Contract

Last month, 100 AreasUSA workers at San Jose Airport achieved their first union contract. The agreement provides significant wage increases and, for the first time at San Jose Airport, allows AreasUSA workers access to good quality health care.

"It's been a long road to this contract, but our patience has paid off,” said Mario de la Torre, a cook at Pizza My Heart. “I'm going to be able to see a doctor for the first time in a long time."

Learn more.



Support Walmart Retail Workers’ Black Friday Action

Walmart retail workers in California are committing to reclaim Black Friday—the busiest shopping day of the year—for workers and customers in our communities.  Following on the heels of the first-ever strikes by Walmart workers across the country, Bay Area Walmart workers are asking for solidarity and support in a wide range of activities leading up to Black Friday, including rallies, flash mobs, direct action and other efforts to inform customers about the illegal actions that Walmart has been taking against its workers.

On Saturday, November 10th, join a special Bay Area community briefing to hear from local members of the OUR Walmart movement and help them plan for their upcoming action. The event will take place on Saturday from 10am to noon at CNA, 2000 Franklin Street in Oakland.




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