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December 07, 2012

Volume 1., Issue 256


Monday: Take Action to Stop Tax Breaks for the Top 2% and Cuts to Social Safety Net

In Washington D.C., the Lame Duck Congress is deep in negotiations over the 'fiscal cliff,' and some lawmakers are pushing a deal that includes steep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and more tax breaks for the richest 2%.

Monday, December 10th is International Human Rights Day, and all across the country, workers, seniors and supporters will be standing up for their rights at a series of vigils and actions to say NO to cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and NO to extending tax cuts for the richest 2%. There are more than a dozen December 10th events going on around California, and all are encouraged to participate.

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After Week-Long Strike, LA and Long Beach Port Workers Secure Protections from Outsourcing

Angered at the employers’ efforts to outsource their jobs, the clerical workers at the ports of LA and Long Beach went on strike last week at the nation’s busiest port complex. The week-long strike ended on Wednesday, when the workers, the ILWU and employers reached a tentative agreement that will prevent the outsourcing of jobs.  

ILWU International President Robert McEllrath said the unity and solidarity of the workers, members, their families and thousands of community supporters played a major role in the workers’ win, because ILWU dockworkers and other port workers refused to cross the picket lines. “This victory was accomplished because of support from the entire ILWU family of 10,000 members in the harbor community,” McEllrath said.

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Michigan GOP Passes Draconian Union-Busting Legislation Without Public Input 

Over the course of just one day, the Michigan House and Senate introduced and passed union-busting “right to work for less” legislation, without any hearings or public input from the community. More than 3,000 union members and workers' rights advocates rallied against the legislation and for several hours police shut the doors to the Capitol, keeping protesters out of the House and Senate galleries. Several people were maced as they tried to enter. 

The bill, which Michigan Gov. Snyder says he’ll sign into law, will roll back workers’ rights and drag down wages for all Michigan workers families, both union and non-union. The Michigan legislature’s action prompted President Barack Obama to release a public statement reaffirming that he “has long opposed so-called ‘right to work’ laws and he continues to oppose them now."

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